About us

Meet the founder and the wonderful group of dedicated staff members


Founder and CEO

In a 2009 pool-side telephone collaboration with Dr. Chris Meletis resulted in the creation of Helps4Health LLC with the simple vision of creating ‘ONE’ place where everyone could go for all the latest health information. ​ ​I have worked with physicians and healthcare professio​nals from the west coast to Boston to Florida and have hosted National health conferences and programs. Many of these dedicated men and women will be contributing this year. "In this time we all need to take more responsibility for our own health; and knowledge is more critical than ever. My vision and hope is that this site will fill that need."


Office Staff

(Front) (Prior owner lost her pedigree papers) is the senior staff member proficient in all areas​. She oversees all activities from her work station - "the desk". Here she's doing what she loves the most: in the office - up at the desk - working on her website. She's just PERFECT!​


Office Staff

(Marmac's Sugar'n Spice) handles everything at ground level.... the 'snacks' department. Youngest of the three, she is the laziest and just hangs out most of the time. Her mom was Dam Keepsakes Red Hot Mega-Byte and her dad was Sire CH Dacuns Your Worst Nightmare


Office Staff

(Jen Kar Idyllic Demi) is the Administrative Assistant reporting to no one. She operates from her lazyboy next to Mollie's desk handling tech support and periodically checking on daily operations and Sugar's 'snack' department. She thinks she's a princess, sleeping all morning. She's a natural trainer having taught all the other pups to sing and eat tomatoes....she can always find which shopping bag has the fresh tomatoes! She's the Admin Assistant because she's just so small and cute.