THE EXPERIENCE OF PET LOSS – Ways You Can Remember Your Pet (12 of 12)

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have a funeral or memorial service

• write poetry, a farewell letter, or a song
• draw or paint pictures in your pet’s memory
• make a list of things you will miss about your pet
• make a list of things you loved about your pet
• create a scrapbook, photograph album, or bulletin board including your pet’s pictures, paw-print, fur, hair from mane or tail, or other items, and include writing of your memories about the specific picture or object
• ask family and friends who knew your pet to write something special they remember about her/him and include these in your scrapbook or photograph album
• plant a bush or tree in your pet’s memory
• buy a plant that flowers at a time of the year significant in your pet’s life
• have a special candle that you light when you are thinking about or missing your pet
• set aside time for you and family members or friends who cared about your pet to share memories
• send cards to people who were involved in your pet’s care, such as  groomers, veterinarians, or pet sitters
• decorate a headstone or memorial stone for your pet
• write an obituary for your pet
• put clippings of your pet’s fur, feathers, or hair on a picture, locket, or on a holiday ornament
• donate money to an organization that helps pets
• have your pet’s name engraved in a keepsake box and keep pictures and other memories of your pet inside
• place your pet’s tags on a key chain or chain to wear around your neck

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